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Primo Oval Junior 200 Charcoal Grill and Smoker Package

Primo JR Package


  • Ample 210 square inch cooking surface with option to gain at total of 370 square inch of cooking surface with optional upper racks.
  • Control Cooking Temps from 180°F to over 700°F Featuring Primo Certified Ceramic Technology
  • Optional Firebox Divider for indirect cooking Great efficiencies
  • Level Control Cooking Racks (giving 2 heights) standard
  • Manageable weight
  • Black Color (Porcelain Finish)
  • Primo Tested ~ Ready to cook in 10 minutes
  • Easy lift & lock lid operation
  • You may use the optional firebox divider to perform "true indirect cooking" as well as performing small cooking sessions.
Primo Oval Package Includes
KC-774 Primo Kamado Smoker  
KC-777 Grill Lifter
KC-320 HD Cart  with Shelves
KC-776 Ash Tool  
KC-608 Bag of Lump Charcoal  
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Package Components: KC-776,KC-777,KC-774,KC-320,KC-608

Barbecue and Cart Package $1460

Warranty: 20 years on Ceramic, 5 years on all other components except Gasket and Thermometer

Made in USA (Atlanta, Georgia), Primo® Grills and Smokers

are remarkable products that make outdoor cooking better than ever. Whether it's poultry, meat, fish, or vegetables, Primo's® unique design guarantees that food is always moist and tender.
Primo is both a grill and a smoker which can be appreciated by the outdoor cooking expert as well as the new apprentice. Primo® Grills and Smokers are more forgiving than any other grill brand on the market; your recipes will always turn out great. No more burned and/or dried out food!

What's included with my delivery?

Our delivery teams will:
  • Fire-test the product to insure consistency of flame height and ignition,
    if there is a connected gas line, or LP tank filled. (excluding built-in grills)
  • Check to insure all components are complete.
  • Recheck fit and finish of barbecue.
  • Demonstrate how to turn the BBQ on/off.
  • Present owner's manual.
  • Recycle your old grill, if requested.
Our delivery teams are not able to:
  • Run gas lines.
  • Connect NG built-in barbecues to gas line.
  • Deliver or fill LP Tanks.