Lifetime Warranty
Fire Magic Cast Stainless Steel Burners, Stainless Steel Rod Cooking Grids and Stainless Steel Housing (including liners, frames, ovens, and barbecue faces) are warranted for as long as you own your Fire Magic Barbecue.

Fifteen (15) Year Warranty
Fire Magic Cast Brass Burners, Brass Valves, Backburner Assemblies (except Ignition parts), Manifold assemblies and Porcelain Housings (including liners, frames, ovens, and barbecue faces) are warranted for fifteen (15) years.

Ten (10) Year Warranty
Stainless steel cooking grills and stainless steel housings are warranted for ten (10) years.

Five (5) Year Warranty
Charcoal stainless steel grills, excluding the charcoal pan, Ash tray and Infrared Burners, are warranted for five (5) years.

Three (3) Year Warranty
Fire Magic Sideburners and all other Fire Magic Barbecue components (except Ignition and electronic parts) are warranted for three (3) years.

Ignition system (except batteries), electronic components (including lights & thermometers), grill accessories and the charcoal pan and ash tray are warranted for one (1) year.