Black Diamond Charwood

Black Diamond Charwood - BD088

Black Diamond CharWood

Black Diamond Charwood - 0.88 CuFt

Part # BD088



Black Diamond Charwood is a 100% Premium White Birch Hardwood.

  • Universal – Enhances grilling in kettles, smokers, and Kamado grills
  • Premium – Use only 100% premium “Center-Cut” hardwoods
  • Regulated – Exceeds A-1 standards to ensure consistent quality in each box
  • Healthier – Reduced smoke
  • Safer – Minimal sparks
  • Reusable – Can be reused up to 5 times, lowering your Cost-per-Grilling
  • Recyclable – Remaining BioChar ash promotes healthier gardens
  • Cleaner – Boxed not bagged to start, with minimal ash cleanup at the end
  • Organic – No artificial additives from the forest to your grill
  • Green – Environmentally responsible
  • Better Grilling – Uniform size and quality provides uniform grilling temperature

So much more on Black Diamonds website. Must check out.

  • RELIABLE: One of the oldest and largest vertically oriented charcoal producers globally with almost 50 yrs. experience producing over 2,000,000lbs/month
  • GREEN: Utilizes 98% of the tree during manufacturing, with strict forest management guidelines on company owned timberland
  • CENTER-CUTS”: 100% premium hardwood using only the best part of the tree, not a by-product
  • CARBONIZATION: Average of 94% carbonization vs. traditional lump that averages less than half. CharWood will out perform competition in burn time, be more consistent in temperature during grilling, and minimize ash, smoke and sparks, all key quality indicators
  • REUSABLE: High carbon content allows CharWood to react quickly to airflow and will be deactivated within 60 minutes of shutdown – allowing you to preserve it for up to 5 total grillings
  • RECYCLABLE ASH: Unlike other charcoal that must be placed in the trash following use, CharWood’s remaining ash takes the form of BioChar, which has numerous advantages for your garden when recycled.
  • CONSUMER FRIENDLY PACKAGING: Utilizes industrial weight boxes to protect against crushing, inner bags to lock out moisture and introduces Black Diamond’s exclusive “Pour-Guard” top for ease of grilling