Brazilian Charcoal (Nosso Carvao)

Brazilian Charcoal (Nosso Carvao) - BZCHAR

Brazilian BBQ Charcoal

Nosso Carvao Hardwood Brazilian BBQ charcoal.




Nosso Carvao isn't your typical BBQ charcoal. In fact, it's guaranteed there is nothing like it. It's the first legal, sustainable, organic Brazilian hardwood charcoal of its kind to hit the shelves in North America. Nosso Carvao hails from a nation with barbecuing in its culture and is produced by a group of family farmers who take pride in producing this high quality, sustainable charcoal.

  • Its Sustainable. Nosso Carvao is produced as part of an enviromentally sound farming tequnique which has been practiced for hundreds of years.
  • It's Legally produced. An independent group of small family farmers worked with their local government and university to produce this ethical charcoal.
  • It's quality assured. Easch bag is labelled with the name of the individual farmer who produced the charcoal content of the bag.
  • It's pure, natural and uncontaminated.
  • It has a high performance burn. Fast lighting, hot and log burn that is TRULY achieved by this exceptional Brazilian hardwood mix. 
  • It's Bigger. You'll find larger charcoal pieces in each bag due to care taken during production, handling and shipping.