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Earthstone Grillstone Cleaning Block

Earthstone - 3750 - GrillStone Cleaning Block - 03750


Earthstone Grillstone Cleaning Block

Part # 03750



GrillStone® Refill Grill Cleaning Block
Easy Grill Cleaning All Season Long!

Block is 4" L x 2"W x 3"H

Cleaning your grill has never been so safe and easy! GrillStone® environmentally friendly grill cleaning blocks provide powerful, effective, and safe cleaning for BBQ grills, griddles, smokers, and other cooking surfaces while contributing to a healthy environment.
GrillStone is made from recycled materials and saves the equivalent of 1 glass bottle from being added to landfills per stone.
  • Non-toxic, chemical free cleaning
  • Works great on hot and cold surfaces
  • Conforms to shape of the surface to clean between grill grates
  • Won’t clog like grill brushes or pads

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