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Falks Indoor Gas Lights

Falk Double Ceiling Light LP

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Falk Double Ceiling Light LP - 2707LP

Falks Indoor Gas Lights

Falks Indoor Gas Lights are used in remote areas, locations not serviced with electricity or where electricity is in short supply. Cottages, fishing and hunting camps, lodges, recreational vehicles, trailers and boats worldwide have been successfully furnished with Falks Indoor Gas Burning Lights.

Part # 2707LP

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For decades, homes, cottages, cabins, trailers and boats have depended on Falks Indoor Gas Burning Lights for primary, decorative and emergency lighting needs.

Falks Indoor Double Wall Gas Light

  • 140 watt equivalent output
  • Dual valves for individual control
  • solid brass construction
  • glass globe with frosted top to keep light where you are living
  • dual gas line installation for hassle free installation
  • reliable emergency lighting
  • available in propane or natual gas
  • CSA Approved

All Falks Gas Lights utilize a unique adjustable air shutter to maximize the brightest light even in the highest of places. Regardless of the altitude, you can depend on Falks gas lights to produce the brightest indoor lighting to meet your needs.

Optional Accessories
  • Falks Half Frosted Globe

  • Falks Gas Light Twist Mantle