Falks Gas Lights
When you can't see the forest for the trees. Light up your World with Falks Indoor Gas Lights

Single Wall Light:  75 Watt equivalent Double Wall and Ceiling Light: 150 Watt equivalent

For decades, homes, cottages, cabins, trailers and boats have depended on Falks Indoor Gas Burning Lights for primary, decorative and emergency lighting needs.

Anywhere permanent lighting is required without the use of electricity, Falks Gas Lights provide a unique, attractive, dependable solution.

 Falks Lights are designed in an "Old World Style" with a graceful curved design. They are constructed of solid polished brass and utilize a unique adjustable air shutter which provides for the brightest light regardless of changing atmospheric conditions. Each fixture produces a comparable light to that of a 75 watt electric bulb. Dual gas line entry options allow for hassle free installation in any room.

Falks Lights are available in Propane and Natural Gas models and are certified as such by the Canadian Gas Association and the American Gas Association.

Popular Applications

Primarily, Falks Lights are used in remote areas, locations not serviced with electricity or where electricity is in short supply. Cottages, fishing and hunting camps, lodges, recreational vehicles, trailers and boats worldwide have been successfully furnished with Falks Indoor Gas Burning Lights.

Many homeowners living in areas frequented by severe weather conditions (i.e. hurricanes, etc.) rely on Falks Lights for their permanent emergency lighting needs. By installing an attractive permanent Falks Light the hassles that go along with electrical power failure are substantially reduced.

The romantic ambience created by a Falks Indoor Gas Light and the recent certification for natural gas has sparked a great deal of interest in the Hearth Products Industry. While traditionally used as remote or emergency lighting homeowners around the globe are discovering how appealing Falks Lights can be when situated along with a gas fireplace or stove.

Replacement Mantles and Globes also available.

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Falks Gas Light Twist Mantle

Model: M3769

Falk Single Wall Light LP

Model: 2703LP

Falk Double Wall Light LP

Model: 2705LP

Falk Double Ceiling Light LP

Model: 2707LP

Falks Half Frosted Globe

Model: GL00190


Model: GL00160