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Frogmats Frog Mat 10X13 (2Pack)

Frogmats - FM-A2 - FROG MAT 10x13  (2PACK) - FM-A2


Frogmats Frog Mat 10X13 (2Pack)

Part # FM-A2



  • Dishwasher safe or easily cleaned in the sink
  • Perfect for all smokers and food dehydrators
  • Lasts for many years unlike cheap foil mats
  • Made for smoking with free air grid system
  • Withstands Indirect heat up to 550°F
  • Superb For Fish and delicate food smoking
  • Kabobs are eaily flipped since they do not stick to the grill
  • Great for rolling up your ‘Fattie’ on the smoker
  • Excellent for electric smokers like the Bradley and Masterbuilt
  • Custom cut sizes available to fit any size Grill
  • Frogmats are designed to perform in indirect cooking methods.
  • Do not expose the Frogmats to direct flame.
  • Frogmats are USDA approved for food processing and handling, and are FDA compliant
  • Can also be used in any Home Oven