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Kamado Joe



Kamado Joe

iKamand allows you to set, monitor and adjust your cook temp from anywhere using the iKamand mobile app.
The iKamand gets your Kamado Joe up to a specific temperature in a predefined time under the grill option and effortlessly maintain complete temperature control from start to finish.




The iKamand attaches to the bottom vent of your Kamado Joe charcoal grill and controls temperature by controlling airflow. It allows you to Start, Stop, Monitor, and Change your Cook, straight from your phone. When you cook using the iKamand recipes, they automatically load onto your device and cook your food to perfection.

High quality design and components means worry-free use time after time.

  • Solid stainless steel on all metal components
  • Up to four temperature probes
  • Weather resistant components
  • Faster start up times with whisper quiet operation

Easy to Use
Connect your iKamand to the internet in a few simple steps and get started in a matter of seconds.

Manual Stoke Button
Press one button to fire up your grill and stoke your coals with the 30 CFM fan

Variable Speed Fan Control
You can maintain target temperatures to within a few degrees.

BBQ Feature
Control temperatures between 150°F and 500°F.

Grill Feature
Get your grill to even hotter temperatures and doesn't require any probes

The iKamand mobile app includes step-by-step recipes prepared by Chef Eric Gephart.

Home Feed
The iKamand mobile app includes a Home page filled with articles, videos, and visual content designed to elevate your Pitmaster skill level.

Remote Start & Stop
Monitor and Control your pit and food temperatures from your phone or tablet. View graphs of your cooks and change target temperatures remotely.

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