Infratech Electric Heaters

Infratech Electric Heaters

Electric Heaters:

Now you can add a heating system to your patio, terrace or outdoor dining area that reflects the same eco-conscious, forward-thinking ethos as the rest of your property. Infratech infrared heaters are 90% energy efficient, operate for just pennies per hour, and emit a subtle, pleasing glow that will not blow away in windy conditions. They provide odorless, radiant warmth for your space that won’t detract from the aroma of steaks on the grill, or interfere with the view – whether it’s of city lights or starlight.

Whether you’re looking for a heating system that complements your lifestyle or your home’s architectural style, Infratech heaters are a seamless fit. They provide radiant, ambient, cost-effective and energy-efficient warmth for a wide range of indoor-outdoor spaces and décor styles. Linger longer outdoors all year round, and get more enjoyment out of your patio, terrace, pergola, poolside deck, balcony, outdoor kitchen or dining space.

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Infratech INF ControlsInfratech Duplex Controls

  1. 4000W Slimline Electric Heater
  2. 3000W Slimline Electric Heater
  3. 2400W Slimline Electric Heater
  4. 3000W Single Element Electric Heater
  5. 4000W Single Element Electric Heater
  6. 4000W Double Element Electric Heater
  7. 5000W Dual Element Electric Heater
  8. 6000W Dual Element Electric Heater
  9. Infratech Electric CD-Series Fixture (240V 6000W - 61in Long)
  10. Infratech Electric CD-Series Fixture (240V 5000W - 39in Long)
  11. Infratech Electric CD-Series Fixture (240V 4000W - 39in Long)
  12. Infratech Electric CD-Series Fixture (240V 3000W - 33in Long)
  13. Infratech Electric C-Series Fixture (240V 4000W - 61in Long)
  14. Infratech Electric C-Series Fixture (240V 3000W - 61in Long)

Infratech Controls:

  1. Infratech - IT-14-4200 - Incremental Control with Box 240V (15 AMP max)
  2. Infratech - IT-14-4094 - Incremental Control 240V (15 AMP max)
  3. Control Wall Plate & Box inf-240V Water Proof
  4. Infratech - IT-14-4325 - Waterproof Double Surface Mount Control Switch
  5. Infratech - IT-14-4320 - Surface Mount Control Switch

    InfraTech Surface Mount Control Switch

    Item: IT-14-4320

  6. Infratech - IT-14-4315 - Waterproof Double Flush Mount Control Switch
  7. Infratech - IT-14-4310 - Waterproof Flush Mount Control Switch

    InfraTech Waterproof Flush Mount Control Switch

    Item: IT-14-4310

  8. Infratech - IT-14-4305 - Double Flush Mount Control Switch

    InfraTech Double Flush Mount Control Switch

    Item: IT-14-4305

  9. Infratech - IT-14-4300 - Flush Mount Control Switch

    InfraTech Flush Mount Control Switch

    Item: IT-14-4300

  10. Infratech - IT-14-4205 - Double Incremental Control with Box 240V (15 AMP max)
  11. MAIN CONTROL BOX 6 RELAY 16in x 12in - IT-30-4056 - Infratech Electric
  12. MAIN CONTROL BOX 5 RELAY 16in x 12in - IT-30-4055 - Infratech Electric
  13. MAIN CONTROL BOX 4 RELAY 16in x 12in - IT-30-4054 - Infratech Electric
  14. MAIN CONTROL BOX 3 RELAY 16in x 12in - IT-30-4053 - Infratech Electric
  15. MAIN CONTROL BOX 2 RELAY 12in x 12in - IT-30-4052 - Infratech Electric
  16. 1 ZONE ANALOG CONTROL WITH DIGITAL TIMER - IT-30-4045 - Infratech Electric
  17. 3 ZONE ANALOG CONTROL WITH DIGITAL TIMER - IT-30-4044 - Infratech Electric
  18. 2 ZONE ANALOG CONTROL WITH DIGITAL TIMER - IT-30-4043 - Infratech Electric
  19. REMOTE ANALOG CONTROL 4 ZONE 5.5in x 15in - IT-30-4035 - Infratech Electric
  20. REMOTE ANALOG CONTROL 3 ZONE 5.5in x 13in - IT-30-4034 - Infratech Electric
  21. REMOTE ANALOG CONTROL 2 ZONE 5.5in x 9.5in - IT-30-4033 - Infratech Electric
  22. Mechanical Timer W/ Wiring

    Fire Magic Mechanical Timer W/ Wiring

    Item: WS-2

  23. Wall Switch

    Fire Magic Wall Switch

    Item: WS-1

  24. Element Sl4028 (4000W 208V)

    Infratech Element Sl4028 (4000W 208V)

    Item: IT-10-7080

  25. Element Sl3028 Slimline Only (208V)

    Infratech Element Sl3028 Slimline Only (208V)

    Item: IT-10-7060

  26. Element Sl3024 Slimline Only (240V)

    Infratech Element Sl3024 Slimline Only (240V)

    Item: IT-10-7055

  27. Element W3028 (208V)

    Infratech Element W3028 (208V)

    Item: IT-10-2040

  28. Element Sl4024 Slimline Only (240V)

    Infratech Element Sl4024 Slimline Only (240V)

    Item: IT-10-7075

  29. Element W4024

    Infratech Element W4024

    Item: IT-10-2055

  30. Element W3024

    Infratech Element W3024

    Item: IT-10-2030

  31. Replacement Element, Aura Heater, 1.5Kw 120V

    Aura Element, Aura Heater, 1.5Kw 120V

    19 1/2in x 3/4in
    Item: AMWIRE15120

  32. Infratech - IT-14-4225 - Waterproof Surface Mount Double Incremental Control 240V (15 AMP max)
  33. Infratech - IT-14-4220 - Waterproof Surface Mount Incremental Control 240V (15 AMP max)
  34. Infratech - IT-14-4215 - Waterproof Flush Mount Double Incremental Control 240V (15 AMP max)
  35. Infratech - IT-14-4092 - Incremental Control 120V (15 AMP max)
  36. Hubbell - HBL1222 - Double Pole Single Throw (20A)

    Hubbell Double Pole Single Throw (20A)

    Item: HBL1222