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Slotdog Hot Dog Slicing Tool

Slot Dog Hot Dog Slicing Tool - SLOTDOG

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SLOTDOG® doesn’t just make your SKINLESS hot dog look amazing, the slots created by the Stainless Steel Blades also help it cook quicker by allowing heat right in to the centre of your hot dog, and even taste better by creating crispy caramelized-edged squares which grab hold of your toppings with a Kung-Fu grip!




Stainless Steel Blades Cut Perfect Slots + Dishwasher Safe!

SLOTDOG® has a grid of stainless steel blades that create perfect criss-cross slots in your hot dog. The slots expand while cooking. Smoke, Grill Flavor, Seasonings and Rubs penetrate deeper. Juices caramelize on the edges for a crispy bite. Plus, the slots grab hold of your toppings with a Kung-Fu grip!

And, it's Dishwasher Safe.

Your SLOTDOG® hot dogs will be the hit of your next party or tailgate.

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