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Johnstone's sells a wide range of barbecues, charcoal barbecues, pellet grills and smokers. Whether you're looking for portable, propane, natural gas, charcoal or pellet fired grills. With approximatly 60 barbecues on display in each store our staff can guide you to the right product to fit your needs and lifestyle. Both our locations display the same great products featuring popular brands like Broil King, Napoleon, Weber, Kamado Joe, Jackson Grills, Twin Eagles, DCS, and Fire Magic barbecues.

Broil King Baron 320 Broil King Barbecues napoleon gourmet grills
DCS Outdoor Gas Barbecues DCS BBQ Weber
crown verity residential/commercial barbecues crown verity barbecues kamado joe ceramic grills kamado joe charcoal barbecues
firemagic the ultimate bbq Firemagic Primo Primo Kamado Charcoal bbq
jackson grills versa and lux series grills Jackson Grills Barbecues Twin eagles stainless steel outdoor barbecues twin eagles outdoor barbecues and accessories
everdure by heston blumenthal furnace bbq everdure by heston blumenthal una grill
una charcoal grill
ooni wood and gas pizza ovens ooni wood ovens Pacific Cooker Grill pacific cooker charcoal grill
weber q portable grill Portable Barbeuces Bradley Smokers Balcony Patio Deck Barbecues
weber kettle charcoal barbecues Charcoal Barbecues Patio/Balcony Size Barbecues Balcony Patio Deck Barbecues
Barbecue Grill Modules
Custom Grill Modules
Featuring Napoleon Oasis
and Custom Designed Grill Islands
Built-in Barbecues

We can also help you custom design your outdoor kitchen if you buy the products from us. Our kitchen modules are made from square aluminum tube and covered with weather resistant cement board, these modules are built to last the climate we get in Vancouver and Surrey. We stock only the top brands with quality customer service. Barbecues delivered anywhere within the greater vancouver regional district. We also serve the squamish, whistler, and pemberton areas. Now serving Surrey.

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DCS 30in Grill with Rotisserie

LP Model: BH1-30R-L
Natural Gas: BH1-30R-N
Price $3,704.00

DCS 36in Grill with Rotisserie

LP Model: BH1-36R-L
Natural Gas: BH1-36R-N
Price $5,272.00

DCS 48in All Grill with Rotisserie

LP Model: BH1-48R-L
Natural Gas: BH1-48R-N
Price $6,839.00

DCS 48in Grill with Rotisserie & Double Side Burner

LP Model: BH1-48RS-L
Natural Gas: BH1-48RS-N
Price $6,174.00

Fire Magic Aurora Grill A430i

LP Model: A430I-8EAP
Natural Gas: A430I-8EAN
Price $4,949.99

Fire Magic Aurora Grill A540i

LP Model: A540I-8EAP
Natural Gas: A540I-8EAN
Price $5,819.99

Fire Magic Aurora Grill A660i

LP Model: A660I-8EAP
Natural Gas: A660I-8EAN
Price $6,349.99

Fire Magic Aurora Grill A790i with Magic View Window

LP Model: A790I-8EAP-W
Natural Gas: A790I-8EAN-W
Price $7,659.99

Fire Magic Aurora A830i Gas & Charcoal Combo Grill W/Rear

LP Model: A830I-8EAP-CB
Natural Gas: A830I-8EAN-CB
Price $7,739.99

Fire Magic Echelon Diamond Grill E1060i

LP Model: E1060I-8EAP
Natural Gas: E1060I-8EAN
Price $10,459.99

Fire Magic Echelon Diamond Grill E660i

LP Model: E660I-8EAP
Natural Gas: E660I-8EAN
Price $7,669.99

Fire Magic Echelon Diamond Grill E790i

LP Model: E790I-8EAP
Natural Gas: E790I-8EAN
Price $8,319.99

Jackson Grills Lux 550 Built-In BBQ

LP Model: JLS550BI-LP
Natural Gas: JLS550BI-NG
Price $1,249.00

Jackson Grills Lux Series 700 Built-In BBQ

LP Model: JLS700BI-LP
Natural Gas: JLS700BI-NG
Price $1,629.00

Twin Eagles 30in Grill

Natural Gas: TEBQ30G-CNG
Price $5,292.00

Twin Eagles 36in Gas Grill with infrared Rotisserie

Natural Gas: TEBQ36R-CNG
Price $7,700.00

Twin Eagles 42in Gas Grill with infrared Rotisserie

Natural Gas: TEBQ42R-CNG
Price $8,634.00

Twin Eagles 54in Gas Grill with infrared Rotisserie

Natural Gas: TEBQ54RS-CNG
Price $10,978.00

Weber Q1000 Gas Grill

Model: 50060001

Weber Summit Built-In S-460 S/S

LP Model: 7160001
Natural Gas: 7260001
Price $3,199.00

Weber Summit Built-In S-660 S/S

LP Model: 7360001
Natural Gas: 7460001
Price $3,899.00

Twin Eagles 30in Grill With Infrared Rotisserie

Natural Gas: TEBQ30R-CNG
Price $5,980.00

Fire Magic Echelon 790i Island Package with Fridge and Sideburner

Model: firemagic-island-package

Travel Q Red Lid with Scissor Cart

Model: TQ285X-RD-1-A

Crown Verity 24in Estate Built-In Grill

LP Model: EE-24LP
Natural Gas: EE-24NG
Price $3,680.00

Items 1 to 32 of 546 total

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