Napoleon BBQ

Napoleon Barbecues:

Napoleon TravelQ™ Barbecues | Prestige® Freestanding Barbecues | Napoleon Built-in Barbecues | Napoleon Oasis™ Island

Napoleon Grills are one of our new staff favorites. The most feature rich barbecue for the price, as well as Performance, design and excellent customer service. Napoleon Grills has positioned itself as Canada's leading barbecue manufacturers.

NEW for 2019 Napoleon Builtin Doors and Drawers

Portable Grills:

Napoleon TravelQ™ Pro Table Top Unit

LP Model: PRO285-BK
Natural Gas: PRO285N-BK

Napoleon Cart For PRO285

Model: PRO285-STAND

Rogue Series:

Napoleon Rogue XT 365 SIB Black

Model: RXT365SIBPK-1
Natural Gas: RXT365SIBNK-1

Napoleon Rogue XT 625 SIB S/S

Model: RXT625SIBPSS-1
Natural Gas: RXT625SIBNSS-1

Napoleon Rogue XT 625 SIB Black

Model: RXT625SIBPK-1
Natural Gas: RXT625SIBNK-1

Napoleon Rogue XT 525 SIB S/S

Model: RXT525SIBPSS-1
Natural Gas: RXT525SIBNSS-1

Napoleon Rogue XT 525 SIB Black

Model: RXT525SIBPK-1
Natural Gas: RXT525SIBNK-1

Napoleon Rogue XT 425 SIB S/S

Model: RXT425SIBPSS-1
Natural Gas: RXT425SIBNSS-1

Napoleon Rogue XT 425 SIB Black

Model: RXT425SIBPK-1
Natural Gas: RXT425SIBNK-1

Napoleon Rogue XT 425 S/S

Model: RXT425PSS-1
Natural Gas: RXT425NSS-1

Napoleon Rogue XT 365 SIB S/S

Model: RXT365SIBPSS-1
Natural Gas: RXT365SIBNSS-1

Napoleon Rogue SE 625 RSIB S/S

Model: RSE625RSIBPSS-1
Natural Gas: RSE625RSIBNSS-1

Napoleon Rogue SE 525 RSIB S/S

Model: RSE525RSIBPSS-1
Natural Gas: RSE525RSIBNSS-1

Napoleon Rogue SE 425 RSIB S/S

Model: RSE425RSIBPSS-1
Natural Gas: RSE425RSIBNSS-1

Napoleon Rogue 425 Black

Model: R425PK-1
Natural Gas: R425NK-1

Napoleon Rogue 365 Black

Model: R365PK-1
Natural Gas: R365NK-1

Napoleon Rogue 365SIB Infrared Side Burner S/S

LP Model: R365SIBPSS
Natural Gas: R365SIBNSS

Napoleon Rogue 425SIB with Infrared Side Burner S/S

LP Model: R425SIBPSS
Natural Gas: R425SIBNSS

Prestige Series:

Prestige Ambiance 665 Charcoal Color

Natural Gas: P665RSIBNCH-AMB

Napoleon Prestige Ambiance 500 Charcoal Color

Natural Gas: P500RSIBNCH-3-AMB

Napoleon Prestige Series P500 Black Propane

LP Model: P500PK-3
Natural Gas: P500NK-3

Napoleon Prestige Series P500 S/S Propane

LP Model: P500PSS-3
Natural Gas: P500NSS-3

Napoleon Prestige Series P500 S/S Rear Burner

LP Model: P500RBPSS-3
Natural Gas: P500RBNSS-3

Napoleon Prestige Series Black Rear Burner Ir SB

LP Model: P500RSIBPK-3
Natural Gas: P500RSIBNK-3

Napoleon Prestige 500 RSIB Grey

LP Model: P500RSIBPCH-3
Natural Gas: P500RSIBNCH-3

Napoleon Prestige Series S/S Rear Burner Ir SB

LP Model: P500RSIBPSS-3
Natural Gas: P500RSIBNSS-3

Napoleon Prestige 665 Black

LP Model: P665PK
Natural Gas: P665NK

Napoleon Prestige 665 Stainless Steel

LP Model: P665PSS
Natural Gas: P665NSS

Napoleon Prestige 665 RSIB S/S

Natural Gas: P665RSIBNSS

Napoleon Prestige 665 RSIB Black

LP Model: P665RSIBPK
Natural Gas: P665RSIBNK

Napoleon Prestige 665 RSIB Grey

Natural Gas: P665RSIBNCH

Prestige PRO Series:

Napoleon PRO665 Black Special Edition Propane

LP Model: PRO665RSIBPK-2
Natural Gas: PRO665RSIBNK-2

Napoleon Pro Series P500 S/S Rear Burner Ir SB

Natural Gas: PRO500RSIBNSS-3

Napoleon Pro Series P665 RB Risb Propane

Natural Gas: PRO665RSIBNSS-3

Napoleon Pro Series 825 RB Power SB S/S Lid

Natural Gas: PRO825RSBINSS-3

Built-in Grills:

Napoleon Built In Pro825 Double Oven Propane

Natural Gas: BIPRO825RBINSS-3

Napoleon Built In Pro665 S/S RB Propane

Natural Gas: BIPRO665RBNSS-3

Napoleon Built In Pro Series PRO500 S/S Rear Burner IR

Natural Gas: BIPRO500RBNSS-3

Napoleon Built In P500 Rear Burner Propane

LP Model: BIP500RBPSS-3
Natural Gas: BIP500RBNSS-3

Oasis Island Modules:

Napoleon OASIS Two Drawer Cabinet

Model: IM-2DC-CN

Napoleon OASIS Wall Spacer

Model: IM-WSF-CN

Napoleon OASIS Waste Drawer Cabinet

Model: IM-WDC-CN

Napoleon OASIS Propane Tank Cabinet

Model: IM-UTC-CN

Built-in Doors and Drawers:

Napoleon 18in x 24in Triple Drawer

Model: BI-1824-3DR

Napoleon 18in x 8in Single Drawer

Model: BI-1808-1DR

Napoleon 30in x 24in Double Door

Model: BI-3024-2D

Napoleon 36in x 16in Small Double Door

Model: BI-3616-2D

Prestige Series Features:
Rear stainless steel infrared rotisserie burner for restaurant style results! The infrared heat waves seal and lock in the juices quickly for superior tenderness and flavour. Ceramic infrared SIZZLE ZONE™ side burner quickly locks in flavour and juices. Napoleon's exclusive, optional charcoals tray allows you to add the fun and flavour of charcoal anytime to your Napoleon Gourmet Grill. The charcoal conveniently lights with your gas burner.

Patented stainless steel WAVE™ rod cooking grids for a unique grilling experience and superior food support for smaller, more delicate foods. The LIFT EASE™ roll top lid has cast aluminum "no rust" sides which allows for zero clearance installations to the rear.